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On a drive up to Knoxville in October, I was listening to a podcast where they were talking about mental health in the military and how a majority of the active duty members felt unknown and lost within their own struggles. As a guy who is one of the few in my close circle who isn’t a part of any emergency service or the military, I felt like I could do more to support them. This feeling along with the podcast is how I came up with the idea for Unknown Savages, the idea that there are millions of people in the U.S. who are total savages in their daily jobs, but no one even knows their names.


I wanted to give back to the people in my life who truly are savages. The only way I could do so was through an accurate representation of them and how they live their lives. They keep their heads down, their mouths silent and get the job done. It matters so much nowadays for men and women in uniform to do their jobs correctly and to the best of their abilities. I wanted to provide a brand that equally reflects these characteristics.


While my initial idea was focused on first responders, I didn’t want to leave anyone out and as a supporter of this nation’s military it was only right to show them the love and respect they deserve for giving everything they have to keep the U.S. safe. We as a nation may not see their daily actions or get directly impacted by what they do throughout their military careers but that doesn’t mean they should be forgotten. The struggles they go through are more horrific than some of us can even imagine and it’s only right that we lend a hand to them when they need it.


It's one thing to create a brand that can accurately reflect these savages and their lifestyle, but I wanted to do more. So, for every purchase made donations will be made to honor those who serve and give back to the families who have lost loved ones from their respective first responder or military roles.


For the Unknown Savages in all our lives we want to thank you for everything you do, and for everything you will do, to keep this nation as safe as you can. And for all of those who have lost the Unknown Savages in your lives, we would like to thank you and hope you know they will never be forgotten.